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Introduction of Dai Viet electric/ steam hot water equipment

      Dai Viet electric/steam hot water equipment consists of a horizontal or vertical water tank that body is made of stainless steel or steel with a composite covering inside. Water is heated by resistors whose capacity depends on the volume and flow of water. The resistors use a voltage of 220V or 380V, or water is heated by steam via a heat exchanger. Water temperature can be heated up to 90ºC. Insulation of the body with outer rockwool covered with aluminum or stainless steel.


Feature of Dai Viet electric/ steam hot water equipment
1) New design and advanced technology: Dai Viet electric/ steam hot water equipment is beautifully designed with equipment and materials selected from well-known brands with strict inspection procedures, and applies advanced technology into production, the body of tank is welded by semi-automatic welding machine so longevity is high.
2) Resistor and heat exchanger: compact design, easy to disassemble and install, convenient for maintenance and replacement.
3) Intelligent control: The boiler can be operated automatically according to the user's installation program
4) Safe and reliable: The equipment is protected by safety valve, when the pressure in the tank is higher than the set value. Safety valve will open to flush water out, protecting the body. The water temperature in the tank is controlled via a temperature controller that switches the heating resistors or the steam supply solenoid valve.


High Quality Assurance 
1) Dai Viet Hot water equipment owns a team of professional design engineer team. Before production, all design drawings will be approved by boilers and hot water equipment experts . The production process is supervised by a team of experienced engineers in the field of equipment manufacturing. The equipment is manufactured when It reaches the designed capacity and ensure safety according to Vietnamese standards.
2) To ensure quality assurance, all the materials are used to make the boiler must have a certificate of origin. Qualified materials are put in storage and used for equipment manufacture.
3) To ensure the welding quality, there a professional welding team, including more than 10 senior welders. The welding materials are stored under constant temperature and humidity, to ensure the welding material quality.
4) Nondestructive testing will be done to ensure the welding quality, by using x-ray detection, ultrasonic flaw detection, magnetic test, or penetration test, etc.
5) Hydrostatic testing will be carried out for durable and leak tests of boilers. The test pressure is 1.5 times the design pressure. The testing process is directed by the experts of the pressure equipment testing center. The test results serve as a basis for granting inspection documents for boilers.


Professional Installation and After-sale Team

1) Professional engineer installation team offer the door to door installation and after sale service. The hot water equipment will operate smoothly and safety, and you will get our products without worries.

2) 24 hours hot-line to solve your problems, and offer the professional technical supports and after sale service in time to all over the Viet Nam.


Technical Parameters of the electric hot water equipment:
1.    Temperature water inlet            : 25ºC
2.    Temperature hot water outlet    : 65ºC

Technical Parameters of the steam hot water equipment:
1.   Temperature water inlet                : 25ºC
2.   Temperature hot water outlet        : 65ºC
3.    Max temperature steam inlet        : 200ºC

Note: The capacity of equipment is not in the table above, Dai Viet company will be designed and manufactureed at the request of customers.
Introduce Dai Viet sauna and steambath
      Dai Viet sauna and steambath are manufactured with arrange of capacity from 3 to 24 kW using 220V and 380V. They is equipped with a digital controll panel to set parameter and control the operation. In addition, the equipment is also equipped with automatic water control devices, protected by pressure relays, overheating and too low and too high water levels. The equipment will automatically disconnect when reaching the set temperature so it saves energy and is easy to operate.

Technical Parameters of the sauna and steambath:

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